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Terms & Conditions

Account Activation

Neorack Technology provide instant account activation for our shared and reseller web hosting plans. VPS servers are activated within 2 hours in most cases however at times we may need up to 24 hours to activate the service. Dedicated servers are activated within 1×24 hours if we have the requested hardware in stock. If you require a custom setup we may need more time to deliver it from our vendor. Any account may take more time to be activated if it fails the initial verification. In that case, we will contact you with details and steps to complete the verification process.

Uptime Guarantee

Network Uptime is the total time in a calendar month that Neorack Technology network is available through the Internet, provided that client has established connectivity. Neorack Technology takes responsibility for Network availability within their network however we cannot be held liable for upstream problems, outside of our network. Our guarantee is that our Network will be available to clients free of Network Outages, that render 100% packet loss, 99% of each calendar month.Network Outages or Unscheduled Downtime is any unplanned or unscheduled interruption in Service availability during which Client is unable to access the services as described in the section titled “Network Uptime” above. A Network Outage is defined as a period in which 100% packet loss to our network is experienced which is determined to have been caused by a problem in Neorack Technology’s Network as confirmed by Neorack Technology. Downtime or outages are measured as the total length of time of the unplanned interruption in service availability in a calendar month.Scheduled Downtime is any Neorack Technology scheduled interruption of Services, for the purpose of network upgrades, or replacement of any equipment in order to provide for you better service. Scheduled downtime occurs during notified downtime periods, with as much advance warning as possible via e-mail with a minimum of 12-24 hours notice.

IP Address Allocation

Any order for dedicated IP address, except the IP address provided with the hosting package, shall be subject to IP justification policies of American Registry for Internet Numbers which may change over time. Neorack Technology may refuse any request for dedicated IP address on the grounds of current utilization or insufficient justification.

Content & Prohibited Action

Customer agrees to use the Services for lawful purposes only. Neorack Technology prohibits the following content on our servers and network.

  • Anything related to IRC
  • Proxy Scripts
  • Running chat services or chat related web sites on the shared hosting plans
  • Anything related to torrents
  • Starting background processes on shared servers
  • Warez, hacking tools, exploits
  • Porn web sites
  • Download oriented web sites
  • Sites promoting illegal activities
  • IP Scanners
  • Hacker focused sites

Any account found to be in violation of anothers copyright will be expeditiously removed, or access to the material disabled. Any account found to be in repeated violation of copyright laws will be suspended and/or terminated from our hosting.
Customer agrees not to use our shared, reseller, VPS or dedicated servers hosting space as a storage for backups. If we find backups stored in your account they will be removed automatically.Customer is responsible to keep their accounts up to date and secure at all times. Directories must be chmod to 711 and configuration files with passwords must be chmod to 600. Scripts, plugins, modules need to be kept up to date at all times. A strong password must be used.


Neorack Technology keeps backup of all files and databases.  Neorack Technology keeps daily and weekly backups for budget reseller plans and VPS servers. Neorack Technology keeps daily and weekly backups for the web hosting and reseller plans.Customer agrees to use Neorack Technology backups on his own risk. Neorack Technology doesn’t guarantee the existence of backups at all times and recommends the Customer to store their own backups at all times

Zero Tolerance of SPAM Policy

We have a zero tolerance against SPAM. Accounts used to send SPAM will be suspended immediately. If the SPAM sending is repeated the account will be removed from our server. We do not allow bulk mailing from our shared servers. Neorack Technology offers a separate service if you need to send thousands of e-mails.Purchased mail lists, opt-in lists will be considered SPAM.Neorack Technology reserves the right to charge a clean up fee the Customer who sent unsolicited e-mail which caused the IP of our server to be blacklisted for sending SPAM.


These terms and conditions shall be deemed as part of your entire agreement with Neorack Technology, including but not limited to its Privacy Policy, End-User Licenses, Process and Procedures, and other agreements that you may enter with the Collaborating Partners for using any feature or aspect of the Service being offered on this website.If any provision or part of this agreement is declared void by the courts or otherwise becomes unenforceable, the affected provisions/parts shall be severed and the remaining part of this agreement shall continue with full legal sanctity. When feasible, the impugned provisions/sections shall be replaced by new provisions in the true spirit of this agreement.Your rights and obligations under this agreement shall remain non-transferable. You are not allowed to assign, lease, sub-license, change or otherwise transfer your rights and obligations to third parties, in whole or parts thereof. However, Neorack Technology shall retain a discretionary right to assign or sub-license its rights and obligations in relation to any service being offered under this agreement.The contracting parties shall remain independent entities and nothing on this website shall empower any party to enter a binding agreement, create an obligation or assume any role or responsibilities on behalf of the other party. Your rights and obligations under this agreement will not create any kind of partnership, joint venture, franchise, agent-principal, or employer-employee relationship with Neorack Technology.If Neorack Technology is unable to enforce a strict compliance of this agreement or waives certain rights due to specific circumstances, it shall never be deemed as a subsequent waiver its rights under this Agreement or a waiver of its rights to demand strict compliance for any subsequent violations.The heading and paragraphs of this agreement shall be used for convenience only, and should not be used for interpreting any provisions or deemed as part of this agreement.

Changes to this Agreement

Neorack Technology shall retain a discretionary right to edit, modify or replace this agreement at any time. When such modifications take place, we will post an update (last modified date) and inform you by sending a policy change notification at your registered email address, but it shall be your responsibility to regularly visit this page and keep yourself updated about the policy changes that may take place over time.Once notified, the modified agreement will replace this agreement after a period of 30 days from the notification and supersede all previous versions of this agreement unless any version or parts of has been retained. All policy changes that are required to comply with any laws or urgent requirements shall become effective immediately upon their notifications. Continued access to the website or use of the Service after any such policy modification shall be deemed as your consent to accept the modified agreement. If you are not comfortable with modified agreement or such changes materially affect your ability to use the Service, discontinuation of the Service shall be the sole remedy.