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Intel Xeon E3

Server PackagesCPUMemoryStorageIn StockMonthly
ValueSingle Quad Core Intel Xeon E332GB ECC2 x 2TB SAS Raid12 in Stock$220.00Order Now
EconomySingle Quad Core Intel Xeon E316GB ECC2 x 1TB SAS Raid14 in Stock$150.00Order Now

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Maximum Performance

Our servers and infrastructure are by default protected against denial of service attacks (DDoS).

World-Class Support

Our technical assistance is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week by ticket and telephone in English

Advanced Management

Almost all our Dedicated Server come with a hardware KVM over IP and remote virtual media as standard.

Never lose your work again

The majority of Dedicated servers support RAID, providing reliability and performance.


The RPN is a private network functionality, dedicated and physically separated from your Internet network interface.

Our Optimized Network

We operate a simple, ultra fast and reliable network. Our AS12876 network has large capacities with numerous transits and exchange points.

Your Questions, Our Answers

We provide several Dedicated Server / VPS packages for individual needs – online store, corporate business. if you run a small online store with the best resource requirements, we recommend that you choose VPS. if you are running a large corporate / e-commerce / BIG DATA service, we strongly recommend that you choose a Dedicated Server

By default, KVM / IP support is not enabled for Dedicated Servers. if you want to use KVM / IP, you need to ask for our support to activate it for you at no charge [US DS ONLY]. if your package is VPS, you can use the control panel to activate the VNC viewer to enter your server.

if your package is VPS, you can reinstall the operating system from the control panel and choose the operating system that is suitable for you. If your package is a Dedicated Server, you can contact us and tell us what operating system you want and our team will help You make it online with kvm / ip support and you will need to reinstall your operating system by yourself or We will charge you for remote hand service for reinstallation.

You can buy an additional IP address when you order your product / package on the order screen. If you need more IP addresses, please contact us for more information.

We usually suspend vps / Dedicated Servers if vps / Dedicated Servers run malicious tools / scripts such as ddos, bouncers, hacking tools, email spammers, etc.

Please read our privacy policy to ensure you are not suspended / terminated.
we will warn you first and you must immediately take the following actions:
* We would strongly recommend that you reinstall your vps / dedicated server if we know your server has been hacked
* We will strongly advise you to double check your vps / dedicated server. if we know your server is spamming emails / malicious tools & scripts.

if the problem persists / repeat, we will stop all your services without notice.

Another reason why your VPS / Dedicated Server is stopped / suspended, is because you forget to pay the billing or billing cycle that is already in the grace period.
please contact our billing for more information.

You can buy a license / choose a license from the order form when you buy your Dedicated Server / VPS package. if you want another control panel license, you can contact our support and we will contact you shortly.

If your package is VPS, you can downgrade / update the package from your customer control panel. If your package is a Dedicated Server you need to contact us to get support, we must check our storage first to make sure your request is ready to install or ready to purchase.

By default all our services are unmanaged, which means that all services in your VPS and dedicated server are under control of the customer. We only make sure all of your services are running well and 24×7 smoothly. If you want our help to install, configure and secure VPS / Dedicated Your server, you can purchase our management plan services through the add on / order screen, and we will cover everything you need for your VPS / Dedicated Server service outside of your website’s custom script.

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