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Credit Card

We accept international credit card such as VISA, MASTERCARD and AMEX, We also protected by 3DS fraud system to secure your payment.


Paypal is the safer and faster payment method you may choose. It's an easy way to monitor your payment online less than a minute.

Virtual Account

Virtual Account is an optional payment for Indonesia country. Here is some list of a bank who currently supported our Virtual Account BNI VA, Mandiri VA, Maybank VA, Permata VA

Your Questions, Our Answers

When you purchase one of our product/services, there will be an option in our online payment gateway. Usually user will be directed to our online payment gateway using paypal, credit card and virtual account.

Virtual Account online payment gateway is only for Indonesia customer.

We usually support 30 days moneyback guarantee. but if you want to refund, please provide us a reason why you want to refund? So we will be able to review our business  and provide a more better services in the future.

Usually if everything is not satisfy you, we usually will refund you within 2 days back to your credit card,paypal or transfer back to your bank account after we verify everything in our system. Refund will be printed in your credit card statement within 14 – 30 days depend on your credit card / bank provider.

We accept any international card such as mastercard , visa & amex.

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