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Cancellation requests need to be placed via the client dashboard by clicking on My services, then on Manage and then on the Request cancellation button. Cancellation requests sent via e-mail will not be considered legitimate and you will still be billed for the Services until a legitimate cancellation request is placed. Cancellation requests may take up to 7 days to be completed.Domain names enter redemption period 30 days after the expiration date. The cost to recover and renew a domain name which is in redemption is $90. Domain names purchase via Neorack Technology will not be able to cancelled / refund.

Neorack Technology will provide an account statement and maintain a consistent record of invoices and paid amount. Only authorized staff will have access to your account statement. If you find any inconsistency or errors in your account statement, you may raise a support ticket to get an amicable solution for such errors and omissions. If we find that you have been billed incorrectly, we will refund or credit your account to resolve the issue.In case you file a dispute with your credit card provider and initiate a chargeback before notifying us, your services will be suspended until the matter is resolved. You may be charged a $50 investigation and processing fee for rectifying the disputed payment. If Neorack Technology wins its appeal against chargebacks, you will have to bear any such double payment that may be applied to your account as a service charge. For reactivating the Service, you will be required to pay all outstanding dues and liabilities that may result from such chargebacks. We encourage you to use our help desk for resolving any issues related to billing and payment.